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Wheel bearings
« on: January 06, 2018, 07:27:50 PM »
There was a time when I, like many others, could determine the value of components that were being offerred to the motor trade. Establishing the good from the bad or from the indifferent.  Although I try to keep my hand in by being active through this site and the internet in general I have lost the knowledge I once had when working on vehicles many years ago.

I am now once again looking for parts for my Carlton, which in this instance are the rear wheel bearings.

Many suppliers from the "one armed bandit" to the "honest and Rightouse" attempt to flog to the unsuspecting purchaser all kinds of products.

Before I go on driveling to much, I'll get to the point.

SKF and FAG  are the bearing suppliers that I recognise to be Quality providers that could be relied on which is all well and good, yet however they are
inclined to be expensive and sometimes not available for the cars we drive. Therefore could any of our venerable members recommend bearing manufacturers that have a reputation for good honest quality at an acceptable price.

Thanks for any replies . 

Dave the Builder

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Re: Wheel bearings
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2018, 06:53:14 PM »
Rear bearings are cheap and easy to get hold of  :)
Fitting is a real ball ache , they are torqued up super tight .and press fit inner and outer race plus circlips.
many totalcarlton members have just swapped the entire hub/arm for good used one in the past.
I assume you'll get your trusted garage to fit ? and they will have impact gun and a press to help.

Inner Dia.: 37
 Outer Dia.: 74
Wide.: 45

part numbers
90486468  ,90235281 , 1604292 ,
Automotive Bearings: ABK1024
BRT: BRT1024
Delphi: WBK489
FAG: 713644650
FAI: FWB1024
Falcon: FWK2460
Firstline: FBK327
Moprod: BK573
Motaquip: VBK336
Quinton Hazell: QWB570
Trupart: TBK495
Unipart: GHK1348
Veco: VK431

quality wise, take your pick
I've never had a rear bearing go bad on the 4 carltons i've owned ,so they are pretty durable
(my L reg CDi has 160k+ on the clock)
so even a cheap make would probably out last the rest of the car.

cheapest i could find after a quick look was 12.95 inc P&P each

clicky link ebay

If the above post contains spelling mistakes / grammatical errors / poor use of the quote function / a very weak retort, or is generally shyte; it's because I'm feked on a cocktail of drugs,homebrew and carb cleaner.sorry


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Re: Wheel bearings
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2018, 07:58:10 PM »
Thanks for your reply Dave the Builder,

You're quite right I will be having my trusted garage to fit the bearings. They stripped the rear axle for the diff to be refurbished then rebuilt it after the diff was returned. This would seem to me that they have all the necessary tools to change the bearings.

When John, one of the mechanics who prefers to work on the Carlton, last returned my car he advised me to buy new bearings for their next escapade.
It seems like the my car is turning out to be the focus of the practical course in Vauxhall Carlton training unofficially run in the East Midlands.
I'm sure that they can keep up with the pace but can my pocket keep up with the demand.

FYI I have just purchased the bearings you've recommended.
Thanks once again, Informative and very helpful as usual.