Author Topic: Rear springs\self levelling suspension  (Read 611 times)


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Rear springs\self levelling suspension
« on: November 18, 2017, 06:44:22 AM »
I have a 2.0L Carlton CDX with what looks like a defunct rear coil spring.

When travelling on motorways (up to 70 mph) even the mildest breeze can cause the back end to waiver and it is clear that one side (O/S) is lower at the rear than the other (N/S).
I have lived with this for quite some time but now I feel the urge to remedy the issue.

The suspension hasn't been checked to verify the cause but on the surface it would just mean changing at least one of the springs or to do the job properly changing both springs. But what I have done is checked out the availability of the springs finding that they are no longer available through the main dealers because they are specific to vehicles with self levelling suspension such as the CDX. Further investigation demonstrates that there are many (perhaps a dozen or more) options associated with the Carlton but just one choice for the CDX. From my information the Coil springs used in conjunction with any self levelling suspension are the same throughout the Carlton range regardless of the engine size.

My contact at the local dealers as provided me with the OEM code but at the moment I've been unsuccessful in finding any suitable springs.

First of all I'm just wondering if fellow members have had any rear coil springs changed and whether it was on a Carlton or Senator with self levelling suspension.

Any info gratefully accepted.


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Re: Rear springs\self levelling suspension
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2017, 08:00:47 PM »
On my old CDX I had the rear shocks replaced once the MOT refused. They had been air adjustable but I could only get ordinary ones in the time available plus cheaper (obviously). I do not think the springs were changed though.

My current CD has air adjustable shocks but they hold no air !. But the MOT does not complain.
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Re: Rear springs\self levelling suspension
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2017, 01:06:01 AM »
I've renewed all the springs on mine, I used "KYB".
The springs on the front vary quite a bit due to the different engine weights, but the rears on the saloon all seem to be the same no matter what (which is RX6211) and you should always replace them in pairs.
I have a word of warning if anyone orders front springs from KYB, the catalogue listing is incorrect as they list them as left & right but they are actually the same both sides and the two different part numbers are for normal and heavy duty, I had a car that was listing very badly on the front with the new ones fitted, but got it sorted with the manufacturer, I've noticed they haven't changed the catalogue, probably don't sell enough to warrant the cost!
And if you find the rubber pads the springs sit on are a bit knackered, I found that Astra ones fit OK.
I also renewed the air suspension units and decided to fit standard strength springs instead of heavy duty as the air pump up wouldn't be doing anything normally and you still have to put 20+ psi in the system even when not loaded, making it even higher!
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Re: Rear springs\self levelling suspension
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2017, 08:17:04 PM »
Thanks for your replies DKT1 and PeterC,
The situation as changed somewhat, after wracking my brains (difficult task) I seem to remember that I'd already changed the automatic levelling shockers. This was then confirmed by checking the records that are kept for the car. So this made it easier (I think) to buy the road springs because I was unsuccessful in buying those suitable for automatic levelling - not available. Rightly or wrongly I bought a pair of Kilen coil springs (not automatic levelling) for a Carlton which are now laying in my house waiting to be fitted. These are standard and not heavy duty which are fitted to the estate.   

I'm unaware of the state of the coil spring damping rubbers, which have yet to be checked, but considering the difference in height between the both rears its possible they may have eroded. Thanks for the tip ref. the rubber pads (damping rubbers), what year Astra do you refer to?

Over all the 14 years I've had the current CDX I've never had the MOT refused because of the adjustable shocks. But there again theres been to much else for them to fail my car on, with exception to this year when it sailed through.

Anyway DKT1 and  PeterC thank you once again for you help which as been very useful.