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England V Wales six nations rugby
« on: February 22, 2017, 06:36:50 PM »
I was reading last years post re: England V Wales in the 6 nations rugby union match and was surprised at how similar this years occasion was. Last years match was a humdinger yet this years was even better. The teams were very evenly matched and it looked like Wales, who were in the lead, were about to seize revenge. They had just about achieved the upperhand with something like 5 minutes to go when one of the Welsh players kicked the ball to clear away the threat posed by England but under pressure it wasn't a good kick. Instead of going into touch it landed near an English back who had just come on the field. This back was a flyer and was fresh and he did what he was meant to do. He sped down the Welsh flank, which was mainly unattended, and outran the opposition (Cuthbert I think) to score for England.  The conversion put England out of touch unless Wales scored a try but this didn't happen.

Wales wanted to go one better than last year but at the moment, unless England are beaten by another team, this won't happen.  Although the other nations are showing significant  improvements it is unlikely that England will be beaten and they'll increase their tally of being unbeaten for 16 matches. A tally which only New Zealand (the All Blacks) had achieved.

However never say never, remember Ireland beat the All Blacks  to stop their unbeaten tally. Lets see what happens next.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the games.