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Re: Johnny's Carlton rides
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Ta for that I will remember that Jubilee clips are better than others.
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Re: Johnny's Carlton rides
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After much testing/messing about I concluded the factory ECU would need a remap to work and at around 400 for something that might not even fix the issue I don't fancy risking it.

So I decided to use the programmable aftermarket management I've had in my bottom drawer for years, it simplifies the design and opens up options like launch control.

I took the supercharger casing and welded the throttle body plate onto the intake:

The throttle body is a 3.0 24v Carlton unit milled to a 70mm main butterfly and the intake plate modified to connect to a 63mm silicone hose:

Fancy butterfly plate!

The inlet manifold was also modified, the bypass valve and pipe was removed and a smaller 25mm hose added for a dump valve :D
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Re: Johnny's Carlton rides
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Easy going untill PUSHED!!!!