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C26NE Valve Setting Error

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Good result and I am glad your perseverance paid off in the end ;)


--- Quote from: melinx on March 24, 2009, 05:02:53 PM ---Now the fault in that lifter is corrected and all of them set, it is running perfectly with the injectors clicking being the loudest noise coming from the engine :)

--- End quote ---

I may have inadvertently given the impression that the fault which started this whole procedure ( running rich on 3 & 4 ) was now corrected: It isn't  :(

Although the engine is running much better, that problem is still there ::)

The manifold gasket is the only other area for investigation: Not a job I'm looking forward to, they are NLS ! :(

There is a strong possibility that changing the lifters to 'proper' hydraulic ones is what has restored the dual ram kick !

Apparently, valve float will reduce the engine efficiency at high rpm :(

Valve float happens when the valve loses contact with the cam lobe and I guess this happens when the crude lifters such as were in my engine are used.

At tickover the oil pressure inside the lifter will only be about 10 pounds and probably only 2 or 3 times that at high rpm: This is probably nowhere near enough as the valvetrain wears to maintain a tight coupling to the cam lobe at high speed, it just stops it 'ticking' :(

With a 'proper' hydraulic lifter, the oil can not be pumped out as with my originals, because the internal non return valve closes off making a rigid coupling right back to the cam lobe !

Major embarrassment  :-[ :-[

I've just had a very careful look at the original lifters and discovered that they ARE actually 'proper' hydraulic ones !

HOWEVER, the inner piston is locked solid on every one of them :o
Not even hammering will move them so I guess the inner piston return spring is 'coil bound': They have totally ceased to be self adjusting and are acting as solid lifters >:(

This is despite having 2 doses of 'top end treatment' over the last 12 months which supposedly cleans out any residue restricting the movement of the lifter self adjustment >:(

This is an engine that has done 82,000 :o

Dave the Builder:
On the 4 pot lifters I squash the lifters long ways in a soft jaw vice ,
This forces the oil out of a hole in the side,
then squash/release a few times and they become springy again.
when restarting the engine they are noisey till they refill with oil.


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