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Title: K-seal cooling system sealer.
Post by: PeterC on December 17, 2017, 11:27:22 AM
I recently got told about this alternative to rad weld. Seeing as I have a slight water leak i am tempted to try it. Actually it seems the antifreeze/summer-coolant leaks out faster than water.

Does anyone have any experience of K-seal ?. At first sight it seems pretty idiot proof as you just add it and leave it there - no draining/flushing etc. I also read it helps with head gaskets. I have read a few things from people who do not believe in miracle cures from a bottle and have then discovered it works.

I am contmplating inflicting it on Rosie (a 2.0 auto with header tank).

One concern I have is if I pour it in the header tank will it readily mix with the rest of the cooling circuit in time.

Another concern is what might it do to the coolant level sensor float ?. I wish I could find my old coolant level sensor that I know I kept. It had a totally dissolved/crumbled float and I kept it in case I one day invented a new float for it. With no float it would be ideal for the task of letting the K-seal do its stuff for a few hundred miles.
Title: Re: K-seal cooling system sealer.
Post by: Dave the Builder on December 17, 2017, 05:02:29 PM
I have used K seal ,once , without success .
I have used holts wondarweld in a corsa with bummed Head gasket ,and it worked , and is still working 2 years on (

you do have to drain antifreeze, flush, treat,drain,replace anti freeze
coats everything internally red , so girly pink antifreeze looks better once wondarweld is done , rather than blue

probably about the same cost as k seal but more of a faf
(swapping antifreeze ,flushing etc and not a great time of year to do it in case it freezes )

Title: Re: K-seal cooling system sealer.
Post by: DKT1 on December 17, 2017, 05:15:14 PM
I've used K-seal twice before when I had minor leaks, first time was when I had made a new manifold in stainless for the bottom/heater hose section that was in plastic, it cured the pin hole leak (I just couldn't be asked to remove it again with such a small leak) after about three weeks I noticed it was running hotter & hotter, found the rad had a cold spot in the centre, eventually had to remove the radiator and remove the top section and blow out the fins as they where blocked.
When I had the rad out I also removed the manifold and re-welded the joint, so no leak any more!
I put this down to, maybe there was an ongoing problem with the rad and it had just raised the problem! I had not long replaced the rad with a second hand but fairly new one, but obviously I couldn't be sure if it had the problem inflicted on it from before?
I then 3 - 4 months later made a new header tank and again had a minor leak, around the filler cap neck ( the material is so thin and I was using too heavy a gauge wire in the MIG welder but thought I could get away with it!)
It cured the leak no problem, but after four or five weeks again I noticed the gauge rising especially on the motorways, checked the rad and again I had a cold spot, this time on the bottom right, so not even in the same place.
Removed the rad and removed the top, blew it out and it was clogged with this jelly like matter.
I cut the top off my new header tank and re-welded the filler neck with some thinner wire (like I should have done in the first place) no leak!
So won't be using K-seal ever again.
If you use it and then notice the temperature rising, check the radiator for a cold spot, you'll have to remove the cowling thou to check it, mine hasn't got that any more so easier to find it had a cold spot.
Title: Re: K-seal cooling system sealer.
Post by: PeterC on December 18, 2017, 10:09:52 PM
Ah thanks for the replies.

Looks like I better leave it alone for now as I have a long journey coming up. Maybe beyond Manchester even Carlisle. Rosie coped to Banbury - 100 congested miles last August. She only barely needed one very little top up when cold after 100 miles. Would not have shown up whilst hot. So maybe the header tank will empty after 300-400 miles. Just unpleasant/bad ignoring the water level sensor for that far !.

I need to concentrate on sorting out the cooling system when I do not have a potentially massive journey coming up.
Title: Re: K-seal cooling system sealer.
Post by: 24Vdiamond on December 29, 2017, 04:49:25 PM
I ran K seal in the 24v Diamond, in fact it still has it in and never had any problems, also used it in a 1.6 Astra G auto as it had a rad leak and after 20000 miles its still fine 
Title: Re: K-seal cooling system sealer.
Post by: DKT1 on December 29, 2017, 07:10:53 PM
And I must say in my nearly 50 years of motoring and using Radweld and others over the years, I've never had a problem with any of them, only the last two times in the Carlton and only used it in it for the first time after owning it for over 15 years, so was it the car or the product?
or the owner  :-X